On The Road & On your Screen- PAX Unplugged 2021

This weekend we’ll be at our first convention in two years- PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  We’ve got a fantastic line up for those at the convention and at home including an amazing cast of panelists on Sunday that includes a Tony award winner? I mean, what a time to love games!

As a small business, conventions are a double-edged sword with exhaustion and financial risk on one side and the absolute high of positive energy and meeting people in real life who enjoy your games. Don’t ever be worried about saying hello or telling us you enjoy something we made—it's those affirmations that keep us going and remind us why we do this. So if you see us at the show—we’re always down for an elbow bump, ghost high fives, and socially distant tips of the hat. We hope to see you online or at the show!

Here's What's On for PAX Unplugged 2021

Twogether Studios Booth #3355  /   Friday – Sunday 10am- 6pm 

We've got exclusive items like TAX hoodies and Eberron mugs as well as Illimat and The Adventure Zone bundles- come on by! 

Panels & Events / Friday December 10th 

Exploring Eberron with Keith Baker

11:30am- 12:30 pm Eastern time/ Mothman Theatre

Watch it streamed on Twitch! 

Sharing The Sandbox: Creating in Established RPG Settings 

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm Eastern time/Leviathan Theatre 

Instant RPG - Just Add You /Live Game with Keith

7:30- 9:30 pm Eastern time/ Learn & Play 

Saturday December 11th 

Late Night Learn To Play

We'll be teaching Illimat & The Adventure Zone game in the learn to play area all weekend- including late into Saturday night! 

Sunday December 12th 

Keith Baker Signing 11am - 12:00pm 

Stop by and say hello to Keith at our booth ( #3355) & he'll happily deface your belongings with his signature. 

Add More Drama To Your Game

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM eastern/ Mothman Theatre 

Watch Online Here

Andrew Barth Feldman, Alex Boniello, B. Dave Walters, Jenn Ellis, and Keith Baker unpack what drama is and how to add more intrigue, tension, and investment to your next D&D session, story telling game, or murder mystery party. Dont miss it!



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