Illimat Second Edition: The Rules

Between Keith and I we have taught Illimat thousands of times. In a single two day game convention we can teach 300-400 people how to play Illimat. Our demo person Sean got the one minute description of the game down so well and entertaining people literally applauded and took his photo at conventions.  When you teach repeatedly like this you get to know the exact way to phrase a game rule or concept where you get the “ah ha!” eyes rather than the  “you just lost me” shoe gaze. 

In the second edition of Illimat, we had a chance to revise some of the Illimat rules and incorporate what we’ve learned demoing it as well as hand it over to someone with a fresh perspective.  Leading this effort was our kind and succinct rules editor Chris Butterfield. Chris joined our team last year from many years in the tabletop game industry. He’s also a technical writer and leads our customer success efforts. 

The last detail we added came to Keith and I while on a train with a very tiny table between us. We really wanted to play a game but there just wasn't the room. The second edition rules booklet back cover can now be used as an illimat. This allows you to use the rules book in place of the game mat and illimat box for playing a game in a tight situation. 

If you’re curious about how the new rules are structured and any changes we’ve made in second edition- have a sneak peek at them and feel free to comment there as well. 





  • Rian Peck

    I want to see a video of Sean’s one-minute description!

  • Emma

    Thank you for all the care and love that has gone into these updates!

  • Shaun
    November 1st can not arrive soon enough. I have been hoping for new content to mix up the variety a bit over the years. Would love to see some new Luminaries join the ranks… as well as variants. Starstruck is an intriguing idea… I was thinking that if a player gets ALL of the face cards for the Stars that they would gain 3 points at the end of the round. I was also thinking that another variant would be gaining a “Trinity” where if a player acquires all of the 3 cards they would discard a frost card, draw 1 card from any left in a field, and gain 1 point.

  • Jarrod Taylor

    Greatly looking forward to the new changes!

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